Quality Pizza Trays for the Hospitality Industry

We are a leading pizza pan manufacturer and supplier in Australia. Our team at Murdock Metal Spinning caters to the hospitality industry with all types of pizza tray requirements.Our trade-marked Murdock Maestro commercial pizza trays are perfect for making any type of pizzas as they are offered in the most extensive range of sizes, materials and styles.

From perfectly browned crispy crusts to custom deep pan for that luscious mouth filling pizza pie, we have got you covered with the perfect pizza equipment for your pizzeria, restaurant or sub shop.

With 40 years of experience we provide the consistency of reliable Australian made and supplied product. We take the time to understand your requirements and give you the perfect commercial pizza trays that serves the purpose in the best possible way.

Our trays and pans are spun from solid metal blanks, not stamped out. The process adds to the tensile strength of the metal rather than stretching and thinning the metal. Murdock Maestro is your guarantee of dependable commercial kitchen utensils.

We make pizza trays in aluminium, black steel and aluminised steel (white steel).



Black Steel

White Steel /
Aluminised Steel



Higher than aluminium

Higher than aluminium


Eventually gets dented and buckled with use

Very strong, but may eventually rust

Stronger than aluminium, never rusts

Curing and refrigerating


Not recommended, likely to lead to rust


Cooking performance

Good on touch surface (deck) ovens, but less effective with air (convection) heat

Excellent with air heat including conveyer ovens. Cooks quickest with least power consumption   

Good with touch and air heat; cooks quicker than aluminium

Aluminium pizza trays Murdock Maestro

Black steel pizza trays

Aluminised steel pizza trays Murdock Maestro

Approximate weight of 12 inch trays






Look our for the Murdock Maestro™ brand as your assurance of excellent quality.
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All pizza trays are available plain, or perforated for a crispier base.

Pizza trays

A wide range of pizza tray sizes is available.

Tray lids are available for the more popular sizes. They are the perfect way to increase your ability to prepare in advance for your busiest time of the day.

Saucing rings are available for the more popular sizes.

Why not have some fun now with a pizza game!

What Types of Pizza Trays Do We Offer?

  • Aluminium – Our manufactured aluminium pizza trays come with the quality and resilience to sustain in the commercial environment. Light weight and easy to handle. Best suited to deck ovens. In busy kitchens aluminium eventually gets dented and buckled with use.
  • Black Steel – These pizza trays are made of steel which is then annealed in a bluing-passivation process to further strengthen, and when seasoned, protect against rust.These trays are solid steel for tough life-time service, that along with the dark colour provides fast, even heat distribution for superior browning and cook-through that traditional black steel is renowned for.
  • AluSteel(White Steel)–Steel core sandwiched between dull aluminium to provide the same strength, even heat distribution and similar cook-through with the easy care of aluminium for the ultimate in lasting value and performance.

Our trays come with tapered sides for easy handling of the tray and the pizza, in a full range of sizes from 6inch(15cm) to 24inch(61cm). Our deep pans are 3.5cm deep but can be customised to a depth to suit your requirements.

Improve your restaurants capacity at peak times with Stackable lids. These allow you to prove your dough, then store in the cool room for later use at the dinning rush hour.

All trays and pans are available in plain solid or with perforations. Perforations, or holes, are added to the pizza trays and pizza pans to allow steam from cooking to escape in order to prevent soggy crusts, improve cook-through and keep the base crisp.

Contact Us for Your Pizza Tray Requirement

Our pizza equipment supplies ensure that your commercial pizza tray needs are met in the best way possible. All you need is to share your requirements and we will customise it accordingly with the best quality and rates. Contact us today at 03 9544 4285.