Why carbon steel pans?

Black carbon steel fry pans are the professional chef’s mainstay for searing, stir frying, de-glazing, sautéing and oven cooking. The price-performance equation cannot be bettered. Chef’s simply love the superior searing, non-stick toughness and weight of the black carbon steel pan.

Our Murdock Maestro pans are hand crafted from hot-rolled steel. The durable black oxidised layer means seasoning is much simpler with just washing and coating in cooking oil being all that’s needed.

We make pans in tough black steel, to meet the needs of the busiest kitchen.

Frying pans

Frying pans

Straight profile sides
Tough black handles

Omelette pans

Omelette pans

Rounded profile sides
Tough black handles

Euro (wok style) pans

Euro (wok style) pans

Deeper pans with a narrow base

Crepe pansCrepe pans

Flat with very shallow sides

Paella pansPaella pans

Attractive copper handles
For the cooktop and the table

All pan types are available in a range of sizes.

Look out for the Murdock Maestro™ brand as your assurance of excellent quality.

The Advantages

+1 Your Cooking Experience

One of the best things a Carbon Steel Pan can do is to sear the food fast and properly. This gives the food surface texture, seals in the juices, and caramelises the fats and sugars in the browning process that creates the magic full mouth flavour. Its superior heat distribution and durability makes the surface temperature of the pan more stable to make this process more controlled without burning or sticking.

The original non-stick

Every time you cook, the oils bond to the surface of the pan creating a non-stick layer called patina. It is self-renewing, 100% safe with metal utensils, and gets better with use.

Suitable for all Cooktops and Ovens

There are no silicon, plastics, PTFE coatings, or rare metals used in our pans construction. Carbon steel excels on gas, electric, ceramic and induction cooktops as well as in the oven. These pans can handle very high heat and sudden temperature changes without warping.

The Eco Choice

The simple construction with no PTFE’s or rare metals means less life-cycle emissions and endlessly recyclable steel.


Superior cooking results, rugged design, at the best price point for commercial kitchens.

Explore Our Range of Frying Pans and Paella Pans

When you are in the hospitality industry, it becomes imperative for you to have the facilities that help you do the cooking job in the best possible way.

Our range includes:

  • Frying Pans – These black carbon steel skillet pans have slanted profile sides accompanied by tough black handles
  • Omelette Pans – These black carbon steel pans have rounded profile sides and have tough black handles
  • Euro Wok -Deeper wok shape with a small flat bottom to work easily with either standard stovetops or gas wok rings.
  • Crepe Pans – These are simply flat pans with very shallow sides for your classic crepe
  • Paella Pans – These black steel paella pans come with attractive copper handles. Not only do they cook well, these present well as a beautiful rustic bowl to take straight to the table.

Try Murdock Maestro carbon steel pans and experience:

  • Superior heat control for searing, sautéing, frying and de-glazing
  • Durability
  • Light Weight
  • Natural non-stick patina
  • 100% metal utensil safe
  • Commercial Quality

Your Black Steel Pans are Just a Call Away!

Our black steel paella pans and frying pans have been proudly Australian made for 40 years. In order to make an inquiry or explore our range of pans at competitive rates, you can contact us directly at 03 9544 4285. Our team will assist you with all your questions.