There are some additional product variations that we produce to meet specific orders. Lead times vary from a few days to a few weeks.

Other baking trays and dishes

If your requirement is for some other circular baking tray or dish, and your order is for 50 or more units, we may be able to produce them relatively quickly and economically. The following are among the items that we have produced in the past and therefore have the equipment in our factory to produce again. A range of different sizes can be produced:

• Bakers’ trays with more upright sides than pizza trays, in a range of sizes
• Flatter trays designed for use in dough presses, in a range of sizes
• Circular burek trays, in a range of sizes. Customised depth from 1cm & 4cm
• Solid form cake tins

Other Frying Pans

All frying pans can be produced in tough aluminised steel rather than black steel.

Baking TraysRectangle and Square Baking Trays

We can custom make rectangular pizza trays / baking trays to whatever size you require.

Our recommended material for these baking trays is aluminised steel. However, you can select your material from aluminium, black steel and aluminised steel.

We can produce these trays with solid bases, or perforated. Ask us for a quote!

Speak to us if you need something specific. Even if we do not currently have the equipment to do it, it may still be possible for us to produce. However, the lead time will be longer and the set-up costs higher, so the minimum economical order size will be larger.