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Murdock Metal is Australia’s leading pizza pan manufacturer and supplier. If you’re looking for high-quality pizza tray,  baking tray or any pizza equipment in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. We are the expert metal spinners in Melbourne manufacturing various kinds of trays and carbon steel pans to serve the hospitality industry.

We have more than 20 years of industry experience, latest tools and expertise to develop bespoke results every single time. We are also a proud member of Australia Industry Group.

Our Products

We, the pizza equipment suppliers are the market leaders in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of products specifically for the hospitality industry. Our products include:

Pizza products:

  • Pizza Trays
  • Mesh pizza trays/mesh screens
  • Deep pizza pans
  • Tray lids and deep saucing rings
  • Pizza Slicer

Baking Products:

  • Bakers’ trays with more upright sides than pizza trays
  • Flatter trays designed for use in dough presses
  • Circular burek trays
  • Solid form cake tins Dishes


  • Frying Pans
  • Omelette Pans
  • Euro (wok style) Pans
  • Crepe Pans
  • Crepe Pans

Other Products:

  • A range of caramel and dariole moulds
  • Stainless steel food stackers

Our products including carbon steel pan are highly recommended in the industry for their high-quality, reliability and competitive prices. Our trays and pans are made out of the best quality material with optimum thickness and depth for consistent baking results and shapes. Our oriented and ergonomic designs ensure easy handling, even by the most novice baker.

Why Choose Our Metal Spinning Services?

Quality is our top priority and we ensure that all our pizza catering equipment is manufactured by our professionals using the most contemporary machines and techniques. We adhere to the strict industry quality parameters and work carefully to offer our customers the finest quality products.

We’re passionate about what we do. We are a reliable baking tray and pizza pan suppliers in Melbourne. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent workmanship and total customer satisfaction.

Collaborative Approach:
We like to co-create. From product design to finish, our pizza pan suppliers have the experience and skill sets to offer you with the best products that can withstand the test of the time.

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Our Products

commercial pizza trays

Pizza Trays

We make pizza trays in aluminium, black steel and aluminised steel (white steel)…

commercial pizza trays

Other Pizza Products

We make or distribute a range of other products often used in the pizza-making industry…

Crepe pans

Frying Pans And Paella Pans

We make pans in tough black steel, to meet the needs of the busiest kitchen…

Baking Trays

Baking Trays

There are some additional product variations that we produce to meet specific orders… 

aluminium caramel and dariole moulds

Other Products And Specials

We make a range of caramel and dariole moulds in aluminium. These provide a professional…

You Think of It And We Can Make It

Our highly skilled pizza pan manufacturers can fabricate a varied range of products of the highest quality. Whether your requirement is for a baking tray, pizza pan or any other pizza equipment, our exceptional team will understand your requirement and our manufacturing process will further add significant value to your project.

Locations We Serve:

Conveniently located in Melbourne, we deliver goods from Melbourne to every capital city and many outlying areas in Australia. We even deliver in international locations like New Zealand, Italy and South Africa.

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We have no minimum order quantities. Whatever your customised product requirement is, talk to our experts at Murdock Metal Spinning. Being the renowned pizza equipment suppliers, we guarantee to provide the products that you need at the most competitive prices, without any compromise on the quality and customer service. To discuss your pizza catering equipment requirements, feel free to give us a call at 03 9544 4285.

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